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Internet advertising isn't dead! Rather that expecting money from affiliate and outside advertising useage, use it to build branding and promote internal offers by planning strategic mailings and placements on your website. With testing in everything from Netscape to Lotus Notes, we'll create quality campaigns for any deadline!
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We are proud to have been producing email designs and banner advertising for Canon Consumer for several years. Many banner ad campaigns we design are for internal use / upsell offers on their eCommerce website

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Flash development for internet banner ads and email campaigns bring animation to life in a small size. View Ad

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Zupreem needed some banner ads for their small animal food products - we needed to keep the design within their corporate branding, but also make them fun, bright and inviting so they would grab attention on whatever site they were used on.

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Three banner designs (not to size or quality, animation not shown) for a recent Prevue Hendryx ad campaign.

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We are proud to have been producing email designs and banner advertising for Canon Consumer for several years. Email campaigns in HTML format using eye-catching graphics lend the designs to be produced as though they were normal website pages.

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Selco needed an email template design that looked custom and professional - we developed a clean design that is easy to read and act on.

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Branding your email campaigns and as many other online communications as you can (such as printable gift certificates) you solidify your company image and present yourself professionally.

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